Types of treatment available

Classical massage

Full body massage. Price 660,-

Lie down comfortably, and get a deep tissue massage on the largest muscle groups on your body. After the massage, you will experience deep relaxation and wellbeing. Listen to the music and allow yourself to find that inner tranquility.
The treatment lasts 1 hour.

Specific massage. Price 660,-

Allow yourself the time to have something done about that annoying headache, that somehow has become your constant companion. Or do you simply need a good thorough massage of your back and your lower back? Then you should choose this type of treatment. Accompanied by soft, comforting music and by using different massage techniques, I will massage deep into the tissue in one or two of the areas, you have problems with. After the treatment, you will experience an easing of your pains as well as lightness of the muscles involved.
The treatment lasts 1 hour.

Extended full body massage. Price 990,-

Do you just need a complete relaxation, close the shutters for all kinds of stress and wandering thoughts? Then choose this full body massage that gives you a fantastic feeling of wellbeing throughout your body. Accompanied by soothing music, you will experience thorough deep tissue massage of all the largest muscle groups of your body. This treatment type is completed with a wonderfully invigorating facial massage, using no oils or lotions.
The treatment lasts 1½ hours.

Wellness massage

Luxury full body massage. Price 1.290,-

You enter the clinic and shut the door on the hustle and bustle of the world. Turn off your mobile phone – nobody needs to reach you now. Focus is on you and your body. You get a deep tissue massage of the muscles on the front and back side of your body. We have time enough to give each muscle group increased attention and to pay particular attention to one or two of your specific problem areas. During the massage, I will use various massage techniques. Your massage experience will be completed by a calm, relaxing massage of your face, neck and scalp. When it is time for you to leave the clinic, the music, the atmosphere, the peace and quiet you experience during your entire time here at the clinic, will help you when you venture back out into the world.
The treatment lasts 2 hours.

Facial massage

The best in the country. Price 345,-

Give yourself the most wonderful experience with a gentle puncture massage of your entire face, neck, and scalp, using no oils or lotions. Do you often get headaches, tension in the jaw muscles, or maybe the wrinkles in your face have become a little too permanent? Through the massage, all of that will be loosened in a calm and peaceful way, while you lie back, completely at ease on the massage table while listening to relaxing music. When you leave the clinic, you will feel more peaceful inside.
The treatment lasts 30 minutes.

Discount vouchers

If you want to return to the clinic for more relaxing moments of blissful massage, you can of course buy digital vouchers in bundles of 5. One voucher is a 1-hour treatment, a luxury full body massage is then 2 vouchers and a facial massage is a ½ voucher. The vouchers can be used for all treatment types.

Your voucher bundle of 5 is valid 1 year from the date of purchase. You can of course share the vouchers with family or friends.
Prices apply as of February 1, 2020. All treatment timings quoted include consultation, undressing and dressing.

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